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An information exchange platform that helps NSDers trade their courses and more.

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About Black Market

Black Market, "a spontaneous supply of public goods produced by the market"(Fu, 2017), is a third-party information exchange platform that helps undergraduate students of National School of Development (including students majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and students enrolled in the economics double major program 'trade' their courses and maybe more in the days to come. The idea of Black Market first came to Wang Zhihao in September last year when he noticed social media posts by fellow students looking for spots in courses and it was carried out with the help of Hao Siyuan, a young product manager with substantial experience.

The emergence of Black Market made a splash after Wang published an article in which he explains what Black Market could do and why he decided to create it. "The daily site visits to Black Market surged to 4,000 and peaked at 6,000 when the class dropping and re-selection period began", reported in article Peking University Student Opens Course Trading ‘Black Market’ by Wang Yiwei.

The original version of Black Market was basically a web application. Wang considered that web application was not the best form for Black Market and it should be easier to access and to use. At the beginning of semester 2017 Fall, all the codes were rewritten and with the help of Cui Xianming, a new member of the Black Market team, Black Market has been reinvented and users could use Black Market simply in the WeChat, the most frequently-used application for most people.

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